MICS 2016

The first Mitral Conferences 
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Mitral Academy

RomE,  17-18 JUNE 2016

Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel

Via Gerolamo Frescobaldi, 5 - 00198 Rome, Italy 

Future Meetings:

ROME, 8 - 9 JUNE 2018 

Program Overview

This two day conference is dedicated to mini-invasive surgery of the mitral valve, in particular, to the recent aspects of atrial fibrillation, the tricuspid and mitral valve surgery, minimally, ultra-minimally and with robotic techniques, and the procedures relative to the less conventional techniques of heart catheterisation.

This conference is designed for many professional figures, including cardiac surgeons, interventional and non-interventional cardiologists, anaesthesiologists and perfusionists, with particular interest in minimally invasive mitral valve surgery, from basic diagnosis to advanced treatment. See the program for the full list.

The faculty consists of world opinion leader in this field who have been invited to share their experience.


- CME accredited event - 
Provider n. 3409: Maria Cecilia Hospital


Multi-modality imaging and decision making Advanced and unconventional mitral repair Ultra-minimally and robotic mitral surgery
Apical approach and Neochord

Valve in valve 

New technologies 
AF surgical and
non-surgical treatment
Left appendage occlusion, device and strategy Minimally invasive arena video session

Il programma:


1° Sessione: La valvola Mitralica

Moderatori: L.De Luca Tupputi Schinosa, F. Massari, M. Russo

2° Sessione: La valvola Aortica

Moderatori: G.Antonelli, F. Bartolomucci, M. Cannone.

3° Sessione: Trattamento della fibrillazione Atriale

Moderatori: M. Di biase, S. Favale, G. Riccioni

Tavola Rotonda Confindustria: Quale futuro per la sanità in Puglia?

Introduce: G. Speziale
Moderatore: V. Magistà
Coordinatore: M. Aulenta (Ricercatore, Università di Bari "Aldo Moro")



President MICS

Dr. Giuseppe Speziale

Dr. Giuseppe Speziale

National Coordinator Cardiac Surgical Units, GVM Care & Research
Vice President GVM Care & Research

MICS 2016 is not just a symposium organised to spread the state of the art in terms of mitral  disease. It rather intends to be the foundation event of the Mitral Academy, which represents a larger and more complex project in the world of heart surgery.

The appointment, with the participation of the most renowned Italian and international mitral disease experts, will be held in Rome. A two-day symposium that will present the results and innovation in terms of clinical research as well as both surgical and percutaneous treatments.
Major research studies, explained by the greatest experts in the subject, on the progress of mitral valve repair techniques and on technological innovation constitute one of the topics that will draw the scientific world’s attention to the MICS.
The common objective of this conference is to create the opportunity to share knowledge and experience, thus building awareness about the importance of continuous training, the cornerstone on which medical excellence lies.

The willingness to create an independent Mitral Academy that includes international opinion leaders was born out of the need to have a highly-specialised training school within the field of mitral valve repair surgery so that it can become a melting pot of the best professional surgeons to ensure the best practices to treat mitral
MICS is the final expression of this prestigious and far-sighted project that, we hope, will open new roads in the future within the world of heart surgery.

Conference Directors MICS 2018

David Adams

David Adams

Professor and Chairman of the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Mount Sinai, New York
Khalil Fattouch

Khalil Fattouch

Lead Clinician, Dept. of Cardiac Surgery Maria  Eleonora Hospital, Palermo, GVM Care & Research
Patrizio Lancellotti

Patrizio Lancellotti

Head of Intensive Care Cardiology Unit at the University of Liège Hospital Center and Professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of Liège


Alberto Albertini (IT)

Ottavio Alfieri (IT)

Any Analechi (USA)

Gianni Angelini (UA)

Maria Avolio (IT)

Renato Bellitti (IT)

Sergio Berti (IT)

Bruno Biagi (IT)

Sergio Caparrotti (IT)

Mauro Cassese (IT)

Fausto Castriota (IT)

Roberto Casula (UA)

Marco Ciccone (IT)

Chiara Comoglio (IT)

Gaetano Contegiacomo (IT)

Roberto Coppola (IT)

Enrico Coscione

Marina Davoli (IT)

Ruggero De Paulis (IT)

Mauro del Giglio (IT)

Roberto Di Bartolomeo (IT)

Giuseppe Di Eusanio (IT)

Gilles Dreyfus (FR)

Gebrine El Khoury (B)

Antonio Gaglione (IT)

Madalina Garbi (UK)

Ilia Gardi (IT)

Carlo Gaudio (IT)

Gino Gerosa (IT)

Mattia Glauber (IT)

Fabio Guarracino (IT)

Michele Massimo Gulizia (IT)

Gilbert Habib (FR)

Saverio Iacopino (IT)

Giovanni La Canna (IT)

Ruediger Lange (D)

Alfredo Marchese (IT)

Luigi Martinelli (IT)

Lorenzo Menicanti (IT)

Domenico Mercogliano (IT)

Carmelo Mignosa (IT)

Thomas Modine (F)

Marco Moscarelli (IT)

Claudio Muneretto (IT)

Francesco Musumeci (IT)

Giuseppe Musumeci (IT)

Giuseppe Nasso (IT)

Domenico Paparella (IT)

Prakash P. Punjabi (UA)

Francesco Romeo (IT)

Raphael Rosenhek (A)

Riccardo Sinitra (IT)

Marco Solinas (IT)

Angelo Squeri (IT)

Amerigo Stabile (IT)

Shuichiro Takanashi (J)

Luigi Tavazzi (IT)

Stefano Tonioni (IT)

Tesorio Tullio (IT)

Hugo Venermen (B)

Carlo Ventura (IT)

Jose Louis Zamorano (E)

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Rome (IT), at Parco dei Principi Grand Hotel - Via Gerolamo Francescobaldi, 5 - 00198 Roma

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GVM Futur Life, Via Veneto 169, 00187 - Rome (IT)

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Marco Moscarelli, mmoscarelli@gvmnet.it

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